Re: Guidance needed on Jiaogulan

Sue Shaner

Hi, Nancy.
I knew there was a reason I was to wait to give her the Jiaogulan. I am in the process of trying to get her off of the Bute. The vet even called her "stable" on his last visit. It took five weeks to get her there, so it is quite a relief. 
I spoke to my usual vet about the Ultimates. The vet has taken my farrier off the case, and farrier agrees that Ruby is beyond his skill set. The vet wants to bring a farrier out of retirement that he has worked with a lot. However, they are talking about going to a "rocker" and "tracker" kind of shoe after the Ultimates. I have a couple of weeks to figure out how to get a farrier that vet and I both concur on, who will take her a more natural route. My usual farrier did say that he has seen cases where the Ultimates were used, and the end result was a sound horse. I have posted x-rays from 2/17. These were taken two weeks after the pads and shoes were applied. 
I am hoping we have no further events. She is locked in a stall with thick shavings. I am soaking all of her hay.  Everything else is on the approved list. I will be sending in a hay sample early this week. USU referred me to a lab in Idaho. The owner called me to discuss exactly what I need. He is an equine nutritionist, and he said that if our hay tests high, in order to avoid soaking, he can help me find a source that will be better. I feel like the lights are coming on again!

Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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