Ultimate to boots?

Sue Shaner

You've all been incredibly helpful. I hope I am not asking the same questions over. I am at a crossroad. I can't get a new vet until after the Ultimates are set to come off. With that, new x-rays, insulin and ACTH. I want to push for having a new farrier at that visit, who would start the new trim process, and fit for boots and pads. I will get a great deal of resistance from my vet. In fact, he may quit on me. He wants to bring in a specialist in the Redden shoeing process. I'm not sure he has ever even done anything with boots in the past, even though he was a farrier for 20 years before he became a vet. I am just looking for that final reassurance that we can go directly from the Ultimate shoe to boots and pads without dire consequences. Or, does there need to be something else in the middle to transition her? Thank you for your patience with me.
Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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