Any further suggestions requested for fizzie

Mandy Charmam


just checking in. Fizzie now on two tablets as advised. I will have him retested in the next month. He has cloud boot which are amazing and is in a dirt yard. 

I have noticed increased alertness and interaction, he is almost perky . But he is still super sore .

I was wondering if there might be something wrong with his trim. some advice about this possible. The photos are in his album, I hope they are good enough quality.

not sure what else to do. He is quite lean and trim so vet felt it wasn’t needed to do an insulin test.

he now has had his diet balanced and is-on devils claw  but I’m wondering is there anything else I can give him for pain relief that is available in Australia.. thank you for any help. At least he is perkier in himself. Mandy
Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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