Re: "Mad Barn" supplements - ok?

Kandace Krause

I am also boarding out for the winter and have made up the r/s/r beetpulp ahead of time and frozen it.  Baggies are easy to purchase but I found that reusing plastic 1.5 litre ice cream containers for the beetpulp made it easier for the barn to dump out into a feedpan to thaw.  I add my oil soaked Vitamin E into this before freezing.

I have also reused 2 cup (500ML) sour cream, yogurt etc containers for the dry minerals  and flax.  Or 1 cup (250 ML) for smaller amounts.  I asked on a community social network for people to save these containers for me and gathered up a few more than two weeks worth and premade up my feed and supplements so I knew that K was getting only what I knew was safe.  As keeping stuff frozen in the winter here is no problem, I take it out to the barn about a weeks worth at a time and have it in a cooler in the unheated part of feed stores.  When it goes above freezing I will add a block or two of the cooler ice blocks in and probably take fewer containers.

I knew that the process was long and complicated for the barn staff to have to do and they appeciate it being pick and pour for my mare.  And I know she is being fed as per the guidelines here.

Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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