Re: Wedgewood Pergolide Quote

Starshine Ranch

Yesterday, I reordered my Pergolide for my two horses... 90 ml each of 3.5 (used to be 5) ml/mg.  The last time I ordered it was $186. each.  This time it is $246. each and those bottles last less than 2 months.  That's over $3000./year!  Along with the very expensive tested, low sugar hay (no good deals on hay for us) and the 2x/year bloodwork, I don't see how I can keep up with 2 PPID/IR horses.  And now that gas is so crazy expensive, trailering to ride is just stretching my finances to beyond what I ever imagined.  It used to be fun having horses... the joy is fast diminishing.  ):
Linda in CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara

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