Re: Managing feeding with three different equines

Kirsten Rasmussen

I agree with Sherry on this.  It would be well worth it for you to run a fence down the middle of the paddock and feed your likely IR mare separately.  I would not soak hay for the Warm blood or 2 year old as that's a lot more work and they don't need to be restricted.  My IR horse lives this way and it is the only way I've been able to keep his weight down.  He lives on either soaked hay or a more expensive low sugar hay so it is easy to provide it just for him.  I use 2 electrified lines of Electrobraid to divide them and the way I'm set up the strings run across about 30' from run-in shelter to wooden posts for my permanent fencing.  If you need to cover a longer distance but font want to put posts in the ground you can use T-posts in concrete-filled buckets to support the electric string.

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