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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jean,

Agree with you that from the radiograph, it appears that his RF needed to be taken back further and the post-trim photo also suggests that is the case. It sounds like Merlin is only wearing boots now, no appliances attached - is that correct? If so, would you be able to get a full set of hoof photos of all four feet per these instructions:

Just need to have the missing views, in addition to the ones you already have posted.

The discomfort may be due to abscess mobilization - which is something that needs to happen and using NSAIDs (like Equioxx) will only slow down and prolong the process. It looks like there may have been some sole/bar/frog trimming done - if that's the case, that could be contributing as all of those areas needed to be left alone. Gabapentin is also not going to help any of these issues. It could also be just from engaging his feet (and body) differently than he was when on the clogs - think of how you feel the day after starting a new exercise routine or riding when you haven't in some time.

Any boots he wears should have an aggressive bevel rasped into the tread across the toes and heels. This is in addition to what may/may not be already on the boots straight out of the box. Experiment with padding to find what makes him the most comfortable as different densities and materials have different effects.

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