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Melanie, did you get a quote from Mixlab? They are a fully accredited compounding pharmacy whom you can at least speak to the actual pharmacy. As has been mentioned here in the past, many of us had experience with using Thriving Pets, including myself , both before and after Ian's move from Colorado. The last time I ordered anything from him, the pharmacy he was using was in NJ.

I just checked Thriving Pet's prices. A 6 mg. capsule of pergolide mesylate is currently $2.05 . A 30 day supply at that rate is $61.50 plus shipping. If you sign up for autoship, there is a one month price break of 20% , making the cost for that month $49.20. plus shipping. Every subsequent month only gets a 5% discount with autoship, so the capsule price goes up to $58 for a 30 day supply plus shipping. 

Thriving Pets is not a pharmacy. They are a distributor. They contract with a pharmacy and their website does not disclose who that is. Thriving pets claims to now use two pharmacies in Colorado and one is PCAB. But who they are , we don't know.. There is a huge diatribe on TP's facebook page of February 8 attempting to throw some slight shade on Avrio and Wedgewood . And another post describing when he was a member here, which I think the mod's should take a look at. 

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