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Thank you Sherry for your response. You are correct, Isaac is not on Prascend as the vet said NOT Cushings because even tho' the numbers were over the reference interval they were not high enough for concern. She did recommend retesting every year. I did this in the Fall of 2021 during the seasonal rise. Correct timing? Also, I have not yet retested the insulin, our first test was Fall of 2020. Should I retest the ACTH at the same time I test Insulin this spring?

Both ponies are still ~400 lbs, but I think they are looking better overall. My Hay was tested and then balance by Kathleen Gustafson, so following her recommendations to feed both ponies 8 lbs of hay per day. I do give them slightly over by 0.5 lbs on occasion. The ponies have wintered well on this hay even tho' there was alfalfa. It was a first seeding so there was not much alfalfa. I am trying to find the best grass hay that they can eat. Finding this hay for the winter was a challenge because the 1st cutting I bought they did not do so well and even with soaking, they did not do well. We will try harder to find grass only this year.

Oat, Buckeye and other feeds are in the past and I will update the Case Histories. I went and reread the case history instructions and did not see that I should enter an end date previously.
Rene` in WI 2021

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