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Hi, Ann,
Are you saying you tried Uckele Poly Copper Pellets and Poly Zinc Pellets without success? Uckele Poly Copper Pellets and PolyZinc Pellets and California Trace are the most palatable trace minerals I know. 

Getting him to eat the carrier all by itself is your obvious first step. Have you tried Nuzu Stabul1 as a carrier? RSR beet pulp + Stabul 1? ODTBC + Stabul1? Did you try just a teaspoon of the pellets in a carrier your horse will eat and gradually increase the minerals? 

I had to divide my ulcer-prone Diamond's daily minerals in half for a couple of months. I gave her ¼  in the morning and ¼ in the afternoon. Eventually I tapped into a carrier that she ate. When I started feeding my other horse RSR Beet Pulp, I was shocked to find that Diamond wanted BP too. Her weight isn't a problem, so she now gets a pound of BP with two cups of Stabul1 in the evening with her minerals. 

Getting the ulcers treated should make this easier. FWIW, I continued to treat Diamond for ulcers for about 2 ½ months to try to make sure they were healed. Even so, I had to treat her a second time about 6 months later. 

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