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Frances C

I too would like suggestions on how to get zinc and copper into my horse. I originally got Ukelele poly copper and zinc for Phoenix (a picky eater). Even starting with just a pinch of the stuff made her turn up her nose at her feed. So I gave up on this and it sat on the shelf. Along comes second horse, Blackbird, on obvious need of zinc/copper. (see stupid questions thread on obvious need). So started off again with just a pinch. She (a greedy eater) left her feed. Next step was to encapsulate appropriate amounts in capsules of the Ukelele product. I guess she smashed a capsule with her teeth as she turned to the metal panel grasped it firmly and shook the hell out of it. OK - nix on the capsule idea. Now looking at increasing via natural forms - not minerals - For zinc I have purchased human tabs as follows:
Solaray amino acid chelate ZINC COPPER with kelp and pumkin seed zinc. 50 mg. Copper 2 mg
Zahler Zinc Lozenges - Bioactive Zinc and Elderberry - zinc 25 mg Elderberry 100 mg.
ThompsonĀ  - zinc 50 mg.
If I administer 3 tabs of the Thompson and 1 each of the Zahler and Solaray that would be 225 mg of zinc. - I have not tried this yet because I cant find anything for the copper. Also everything seems to have a lot of iron in it. I did start with adding a little bit of spirulina, a teaspoon at a time to see if she will accept it. What suggestions does anyone have?
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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