Re: Requesting advice about Fizzie's trim

Mandy Charmam

Thanks You Dr Kellon, 

Will get my trimmer to look at your advice. 

We've had his ACTH tested and was at 59. Hes on liquid pergolyte. In last month we have changed him to the Prascend tablets with a higher dose of the active ingredient. I thought I'd give that time to take effect and then retest in the next month or so - our Autumn. (this would mean he would have been on capsules for 2 months.) Is that OK? 

Re insulin test. He doesn't show any signs of the IR - he is quite lean, no fatty lumps, or the other symptoms etc. Vet said not to test . Happy to get it done though if you think he could be affected by this - even without the obvious symptoms. What would you recommend?  

Thank you so much!!


Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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