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Hello again,

I need help.

I have updated my case history on Nira. I managed to get her off of all pain meds by March 8. The farrier came out on March 11, he took back her toes on her fronts, some toe off the back hooves, and took off a bit of her LF heel. On the 13th I started Nira on Jiaogulan. I am giving her 3/4 of a teaspoon AM and PM.  

She didn't seem any better after the trim. I tried leaving the boots with pads off yesterday, but after an hour or so she seemed even more reluctant to move, so I put them back on. Today she was chewing on them, so I took them off again. She walked around a bit after that, but then after an hour seemed more reluctant to move again, so I put them back on. 

I am also concerned because she doesn't seem to be drinking much. I wasn't too concerned when she wasn't drinking as much after I started soaking her hay, but since I got her off all pain meds last week she is drinking way less, sometimes nothing at all over night. She is eating well, pooping and still urinating, but not as heavily. The color seems normal and it smells like usual. 

Are any of the supplements a problem? The vet wanted me to start her on Insulin-wise and Thyrol-L (2/24/2022), and if I think back I believe that may have been when she started to not drink as much. Should I stop these? I'm thinking yes. I know Dr. Kellon said they don't help, I just didn't think they would hurt and maybe help her lose some weight, so I was using them since I had them. Now I am scared. Have I caused her harm? Do I need to have the vet come back and do more blood work or something? Is the Jiaogulan interacting (although this has only been three days now)?

I'm at a loss as to what else to do to help her feel better and because of my concussion issues I am struggling to think clearly, formulate a plan and I am struggling with anxiety and worry over everything I do. 

Thank you!
Lisa L
August 2020 Milaca Minnesota
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