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Shawn Gould

The compounding pharmacy saga is exhausting. My 5mg pergolide base in oil for 30 day supply went up $48 at Avrio. Mixlab was even more. So I tried Thriving Pets, after some discussion with Ian decided to switch to capsules and got a great price, $103 for 2 months supply of 6.5 pergolide mesylate!! I was elated. Called my new vet to inform her I needed to switch and why. Next thing I know she is quite upset because some pharmacy (college) called her and who the heck is that?! Made worse because I told her Thriving Pets would be calling her. Got a lecture on how bad compounding pharmacies are and there are only 2 in the nation that she trusts, Precision and Wedgewood. (I stopped using Wedgewood years ago as I felt they had a good reputation with vets but have very poor customer service and price gouge. I used them for dogs, cats and horses.) Ok, so I call Precision in Bakersfield. I talk to the pharmacist, Phu. He is GREAT, super patient, listened, had good ideas AND THEY PRICE MATCH to the best of their ability. He said let’s stick with the liquid and get 2 mos at once. So we compared to Avrio which was going to be $117 a month. Precision will do  2 mos. for $140! Thank you very much! So now I would recommend Precision. He let me know that I am getting a very special price. Again, very appreciative. Out of curiosity I called back to do a price check and their regular price for my Rx would be $240. Whew, so whatever you’ve got going on give them a call and ask to talk to Phu, tell him you are thinking of changing pharmacies because of huge jump in price and see if you can get a better deal. This is all so frightening and frustrating. 
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