Re: Hoof pain

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Her toes needed to come back more in both sets of films and she has a thickened horn-lamellar zone which indicates chronic low level damage but there's no real rotation and sole depth is better than most.

Are you wrapping her legs and putting socks under those boots? Cold could be playing a big role.

When they bite at the boots it usually means they are being rubbed by them. Check heels especially.

How much is she drinking? Horses with stomach pain sometimes drink more. It doesn't sound like there is a problem and no danger of interactions or toxicities.

Yes on the vet coming back to repeat insulin and consider TRH stimulation for ACTH.  You could also ask the vet to prescribe metformin, start that at 30 mg/kg twice a day, then wait to do blood work for 3 to 7 days.
Eleanor in PA 
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