Re: Lost too Much Weight


New test results from Cornell: ACTH 33.6 pg/mL, Insulin 39.0 uIU/mL and Glucose 109 mg/dL.  The ACTH and insulin are still high per ECIR group standards. Dante's pergolide was increase the day after the blood draw from 1.1 mg to 1.5mg.  Awaiting Vit E and Selenium test results.
Also awaiting various muscle disease tests from UCDavis.

The vet (who did his teeth in January) was sure it wasn't a tooth, gum etc. problem and didn't recheck his mouth. The vet was leaning toward autoimmune event related to 6 way vaccine given at the end of November.

The soonest I could get a chiro is next Thursday. 

Dante is now eating about 8 lbs of grain daily, made mostly of Haystack low/low (waiting for ESC/Starch test results) LMF- low NSC, timothy pellets and RSR beet pellets.  He also gets 4 lbs of alfalfa and 5 lbs of local grass hay which he still doesn't eat completely.

Per tape measure his weight has stayed constant for the last 2 weeks and is his usual perky self.  

Any comments or additional thoughts?


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