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Hi everyone, 

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try to answer questions and give an update.

Nira has been getting weighed soaked hay since 2/10/22. While this was about 12 days after symptoms started, we at first thought she was sore from being cast. She has lost weight since starting the weighed soaked hay. 

I do add salt to her meals. I have done this since October 2020. She is maybe drinking a gallon of water during the day. She is inside and it hasn't been warm out at all until this week. I drain her hay but it is pretty wet when I feed her, it's been too cold to get it well drained without it freezing.

The most current x-rays I have of her feet are in her photos. These X-rays were taken before the farrier trimmed her toes back. I will try to take some hoof pictures and get them posted. She has been in boots with gaiters and leg wraps since mid-February. I will add socks tonight. Temps have gone up above freezing at night and into the 40's and 50's F during the day now. I'm hoping that will start to help, but the socks might also help if she is getting rubbed. I bought some different boots today to try. They should arrive in a few days.

The vet was here this morning. I was worried about her colicing. He gave her some fluids and did a blood draw to confirm her kidneys are okay and they are. Our plan is to do blood testing again in a couple of weeks (after the temperatures are hopefully a little more consistently warmer at night) and also X-ray her hooves again. Dr. Kellon, I will check into the information on the blood tests you recommended and see what my vet says about metformin. 

Thank you!

Lisa L
August 2020 Milaca Minnesota
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