Re: Palatable Copper and Zinc

Ann Conn

Now thinking I'll try Uckele products again and go very slowly with it. He has always loved the Timothy balance cubes and California Trace Plus until recently, but ate some of both yesterday, so we'll see. I did try Stabul 1, years ago, and he ate it for two weeks or so, but once he decided it wasn't any good, that was it, period...NO...I told you it's bad and I'm NOT going to eat it.
I've never considered RSR beet pulp because of how hard it would be for me to properly prepare. But appreciate all the options.
A note about AVRIO. Spoke with one person yesterday and got some prices. Spoke with different person today to confirm script my vet had called in and price was $36.00 more than yesterday's
quote. So I told him that and he put me on hold and came back to say other guy's price quote was correct and my cost would be $36.00 less than what he'd told me two minutes before. I don't know how others might get the best possible price. Wish there was a way to compare costs among members for a variety of doses, quantity, etc. It makes a difference for older, fixed income folks.
Ann Conn and Azeem
Central Texas. 2016

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