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Hi Liz,
I you decide to try replacing his hay with the balance cubes, keep in mind that they contain more digestible energy than the equivalent weight of hay.  We recommend replacing 4 pounds of hay with 3 pounds of cubes.  I have some experience with this myself and was amazed at how quickly they can add weight.  As I was not aware of the 3/4 ratio, I unintentionally overfed.  Muscling in the jaw for chewing becomes less effective as horses age but especially if they have PPID.  Their teeth might be fine but they might not have the jaw strength to get the job done.

The medications chart in your CH needs a little attention.  You have him starting pergolide in 9/22, which hasn’t happened yet.  I’m not clear what is meant in your dosing.  All pergolide is a mesylate salt.  Some pergolide (Prascend) amounts are calculated by weighing just the pergolide portion of the salt and some (compounded) weigh the entire salt, so the same amount of drug would be described by two different weights, depending on how it’s sold.  I would just leave off the mesylate part of your description but denote that one was Prascend, if that’s the case.  

In the problems and issues section, you have not included PPID, although his TRH stim test is positive and you are treating him accordingly.  For those of us reading through the CHs, looking for hints, it’s very helpful to have all that in order.

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