Ruby again (Houdini)

Sue Shaner

Ruby has been feeling really good, but is still on stall rest. While we were gone this evening, she figured out how to bust out of her stall. She got in with the old mare, who is on soaked Purina senior. I don't know how much she ate. It would have been a Max of 2 lb, but I doubt that it was that much. When we found her, I called the emergency vet, and he had me give her a dose of banamine. I had her cut down to three quarters gm of Bute in the morning and 1/2 at night. I had also experimented tonight before we left, and sprinkled a half scoop of Phyto Quench on her hay. I have not found a way to get her to eat it prior to this. Emergency vet said to give her a gram of Bute in the morning tomorrow and again tomorrow night and repeat for one more day. We skipped her 9:00 p.m. feeding of 3 lb of soaked hay, but did give her 3 lb around midnight. We think we have her locked in tight. Any other suggestions?
Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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