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Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Thanks to you, Kay, for these words. I am sending prayers for Sue/Darby, and to
all the people struggling to save their horses. Cushing's is a complicated
disease and the outcome, for many horses, is not favorable. It is cheering to
hear of the many success stories, for I know how dedicated an owner must be to
keep ahead of the problems.

I know some of you have had good luck with the program set forth in the Gretchen
Fathauer website. I can see where the approach would work for many horses. Some
horses have problems which do not respond to it, however, and need a different
kind of mechanical support. My horse is getting good medical support in the form
of pergolide, isoxuprine, bute, supplements, vitamins, and even cimetidine for
his stomach from time to time. In spite of everything...frequent radiographs for
the 'inside look' expert farriery, a careful feeding program, the meds, blood
monitoring....he is still sore. I do not have the option of turning him out in a
pasture for a year...our winters are long and severe and I don't have that space
up here in the hills, and he cannot be at grass anyway as that can bring on
further laminitic episodes.

Sometimes you try everything you can and still do not see the horse return to its
former healthy state. I think it's important to remember that this is a difficult
disease, with no cure available....and do your best, but have a certain
acceptance of the nature of the problem. I see many parallels to human spite of the very best of care, many diabetic people continue to
have deterioration to their body systems, leading to eventual death. My in-laws
just spent 2 weeks visiting us in Alaska. My father-in-law is diabetic, receives
the most excellent care in every way, and yet his heart is irreparably damaged
and he has many ups and downs in his condition. The diabetes will certainly kill
him in time.

I don't say these things to take away anyone's hope...I say them to urge myself
and others to be gentle in our self-criticism and in our evaluation of another's
walk. Cushing's is a tough enemy...fight the best you can against it, but do not
berate yourself when the war is lost. Remember that we do not always have the
power to fix things, no matter how strong our will or how large our bank account.
I wish for healing for all the horses and peace for all the owners. Kay in

LNGERZ@... wrote:

My candle is lit for you to have the wisdom to do what is right for your
horse. We wish you all the best and please keep us posted. Good luck to you
and your baby! Kay, who understands

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