Re: Ruby again (Houdini)

Sue Shaner

Sherry, I don't seem to be able to copy anything off of the lab report to post it here, so I will try to highlight the pieces that I was given that I think could be related.
Non-fiber carbohydrates 13.55
Starch.  0
Sugars.  5.12
Digestible energy   2.10 
He tried to explain something to me about a formula that included choline that would make a difference in her insulin. That was when he asked me to send a pre-soaked, dried sample for further testing. He said he was hopeful that I would not have to soak that hay anymore. And, he did recommend some additions for balancing nutrients. I will try to get this report onto my case history. Thank you. I'm sorry I don't understand this all as well as I should. He's a brilliant guy, though, and has done this for 50 years.

Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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