Re: Sparkles, Trying to Make sense of this case ... Tick disease, IR, Laminitis


Thank you Jennifer for your reply. When Flea was DXd with PPID, did he have normal ACTH? At the time Sparkles showed she was IR, ACTH was normal (Tested in DEC). Vet is thinking we will try a different type of test. How common is it to have PPID and not have a pos ACTH or any of the usual physical markers (beside the IR and lami)?

RE the heel, yes. We all saw that and farrier trimmed based on the XRAY. Prior to XRAY farrier was trimming based on response of Sparkles and this worked very well. When she trimmed based on the XRAY and took off more heel, Sparkles was significantly more sore for about 4 or 5 days.

Did you happen to notice the pads in the XRAY images of the of the hinds and the picture of the blue pad? Her pads become wedge shaped. I would guess that indicates her heels (all four) are more sensitive. But taking off more heel caused more discomfort not less. Thoughts? 

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