Re: Sparkles, Trying to Make sense of this case ... Tick disease, IR, Laminitis

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The classical signs of PPID- coat, muscle wasting, increased urination - are all late signs. Early signs include tendon/ligament issues, unexplained laminitis often in the fall, late in life first episode of laminitis, development of allergies.  These early cases often only test positive in the fall, or if you do a TRH stimulation.

The only way the horse has to relieve pain in the hoof is to raise the heel. It doesn't matter whether the pain is heel or toe. Raising the heel unloads the foot. To put it another way, the horse can't raise only the toe. If her heels have been high for a significant time, her hind foot needs time to get back in shape for weightbearing. It needs to be done though because the high heel is tipping the sharp edge of her coffin bone onto the sensitive corium below it.
Eleanor in PA 
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