Re: Dr. Kellon Please Review- New Test Results

Chris Pennbo

Ok, I just got off the phone with my vet.  I am not sure what to think.  I would love it if Dr. Kellon could take a look at these results AND at what my vet is recommending. I like my vet but he has nowhere near the experience with PPID that Dr. Kellon does!

Monte is on 2mg of Prascend, given once daily.  Our vet is cautious about raising the dose, and in fact wants to lower the dose. His reasoning is that there are only so many mg of pergolide that you can give and once it stops working well there is nothing more to be done.  He would like us to lower Monte's dose to 1.5 mg daily. I asked him about the super low Insulin and Glucose numbers. His thinking is that pergolide/Prascend CAN also lower those levels and that APF can also lower those levels. Monte is on 6cc of APF daily. He would like us to keep him at that dose. We will recheck blood levels in 2 months.

I am concerned.  If Monte is already at PPID levels of ACTH, then aren't we putting him at risk for negative effects of Cushings by reducing his levels? Is there any truth to the idea that lowering his Prascend levels but keeping his APF the same can lower his ACTH levels over time? Our vet also stated that since Cushings is terminal we are just prolonging the inevitable at this point and at some point we will no longer be able to manage it as the Prascend will no longer be effective and there isn't anything else.

Monte's main visible symptoms of PPID are coarse and thin hair coat, occasional swollen sheath, reoccurring thrush and abscesses, soft tissue issues with hip, and lack of strength in his jaw. His weight is good. Monte is 28.


ACTH   63 pg/mL
Glucose 61 mg/dL
Insulin   9   uU/mL

May, 2019  Big Bear Lake, California  

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