Re: Sparkles, Trying to Make sense of this case ... Tick disease, IR, Laminitis


Thank you.
I think the LD test was from uConn. I will upload the results soon. Just looked at them again, Weak pos ELISA and Neg WB. Here is a copy/paste: Lyme ELISA Serum Weak POSITIVE @ 1:320, Lyme WESTERN BLOT Conf Serum Negative
I continue to wonder about the LD 1. because of how she responded to the Doxy, and 2 because I know how the LD bacteria can effect different things within the body ...I wonder if it has anything to do with the metabolic issues (I know she is a pony and at risk). I saw someone post yesterday something like they feel frustrated when they do not know what the next step is ... this is what I am feeling ... and I am also feeling I don't completely know the current steps or if they are adequate. I have read through lots of info and pages and have been doing tons of trial and error, but still feel as though I do not completely understand. How can she be on such a low sugar diet AND metformin and still no change in labs? Is this typical if PPID is in fact the underlying issue here?

Farrier was here today and said she thought her pulses felt pretty strong ... but says her gait look pretty good. 

Thank you re the heel. I do like the idea of taking off gradually. I slipped on ice hit my back then head on the concrete of barn and am working through a concussion and back injury so I dont think I myself can do this, but husband might be able to or the girl down the road who has been apprenticing with our farrier. Farrier is going to be away for 4 weeks.

One last thing re the hooves, since this pony has been with us, she has always had tall hooves. They are what farrier calls soup can feet. 

I will try to take and upload betters pictures by Monday. 

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