Re: Dr. Kellon Please Review- New Test Results

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

If you need me to dig something up you think would be helpful just let me know.

It's important to note we don't just make this stuff up. The vast majority of what we recommend is directly based on published research. There are also modifications based on our two decades of experience and we make every effort to differentiate between the two.

If your vet has only ever used 1 or 2 mg of pergolide and found that over time it stopped working that's not entirely incorrect but it's because the pituitary growth has continued, gotten larger and the dopaminergic neurons keep dying off so the horse needs a higher dose over time. It's not really that it stopped working - just wasn't a high enough dose. As mentioned already, there are also rare situations where pergolide does not work well and in that case you can go to cabergoline. Bottom line though, as others have said, we never have horses dying of PPID.
Eleanor in PA 
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