Re: Fat and Insulin Resistance

Maria Duran

Hi Nancy,

Thank you very much for doing this research, sorry that I didn´t answer sooner, but I was traveling and couldn´t read the links before. 

From this I understand what I thought to be the case, that high fat is considered over 4% of the diet but not a given concentrate or formula even at a lets say 7% because this will not provide as much fat as it would the whole diet. I hope this is correct.

What confused me is the result of these studies Dr. K mentions in this article

"Lindase et al [2016] induced obesity in horses that already had moderately elevated insulin by feeding additional fat but the resultant 10% weight gain did not worsen insulin resistance.  Similarly, Bamford et al [2016] studied normal horses and induced obesity by feeding excess fat with or without a once daily high simple carbohydrate meal. Again, the weight gain did not result in insulin resistance in either group"

So I thought I would better ask to make sure I am not understanding wrong. 

Seems like a 13% or so of the diet is needed to worsen IR?

Thank you very much.
María Durán Navarro 
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain)

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