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Kim Leitch

I received Bella's latest blood test results, and I am concerned. Her case history is utd. ACTH 21.9, insulin 84.13. She has no symptoms, but the insulin number worries me. Her hay is 4% ESC and 0.5% starch, so I'm not soaking it. Her diet is mineral balanced, but she is so picky that I never know from day to day if she is going to get everything she needs. I have upped her exercise; I pony her from my 4-wheeler, 2 miles, 6 days a week. Should I up her Prascend? Any other suggestions? I really don't want to have to go to Metformin, because she is basically a feral pony. I can syringe meds into her with no problem, but I go out of town for several weeks at a time. I don't have anyone to syringe Metformin in and rinse her mouth. I will make it work if it is the only solution.

Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

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