Re: SPARKLES Gradual heel removal and when/why Tx does not work


"That said, diet or diet and metformin don't work for every horse/pony."
When Tx does not work, is there an explanation for it? Is it an example of a more specific profile? Is it more common when there is PPID?

"Gradually lowering them by taking a bit off every other day or so will make it easier. .... The farrier apprentice sounds perfect! I hear you on the soup can feet. Ponies/minis do tend to grow this way if not trimmed properly."
Farriers apprentice is coming tomorrow. I am going to have her come once this week, then twice next week and go from there. I want to be as clear as I can on instruction. Can you Dr Kellon or those w/ EXP give me some instruction to give her re doing this very gradually? Also, I have uploaded fronts and lats of hooves that were taken yesterday. Last farrier visit was Friday the 25th. I am recovering from some injuries ... once I am better I will upload more images that ECIR suggests. 

Thank you all.


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