Sparkles ... hooves other than EL, the cold and returning to normal turnout


HOOVES I have uploaded some images from yesterday and was wondering if you can take a peek. I am wondering about a couple of things. 1. does anyone have any ideas as to what the peeling/scaliness is? 2. Are the deeper vertical(ish) grooves from rasping ... or something else? 3. On the right front there is an oblong eye shaped mark (I circled in red). Anyone know what this is?

THE COLD The cold has been brutal this past winter and is clearly the biggest trigger for discomfort in Sparkles. For a couple of weeks it had been getting nice and warm and Sparkles feeling great! Really "rearing" to go. She stands up a lot when excited! The silly cold came back and yesterday she was trembling even when bundled up. Stiff walking, holding feet and sometimes legs up etc. Should I keep her in on these days ... Also, as I mentioned, she likes to rear and stand when excited. I worry she is going to hurt her hinds. Should I worry or no?

TURNOUT For now when I turn Sparkles out, she is in our front area which is about 20 by 60 or so and it has a partial track. I can give her more track and in time let her with the herd. My concern is she gets very excited when she is feeling good or when it is the least bit windy and gets the zoomies like no other! How long should I continue with limited turnout?

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