Re: Sparkles ... hooves other than EL, the cold and returning to normal turnout

Sherry Morse

Hi Jen,

Following the directions here: and then posting a note asking for markups will get you more input on Sparkles trim.  

The spot you circled could be an abscess exit spot but hard to say just from a picture.  

Keep her blanketed and in boots and with legs wrapped when it's really cold.  If she's rearing and it bothers her I'd hope she'd be smart enough to stop as she is a pony and they usually won't do anything that stupid.  Same answer on limited turn out - keep her muzzled if there's any chance of eating things she shouldn't but if her feet are bothering her she should limit herself.  If she doesn't then you need to continue to keep her in a smaller area so she doesn't do anything too stupid.

TURNOUT For now when I turn Sparkles out, she is in our front area which is about 20 by 60 or so and it has a partial track. I can give her more track and in time let her with the herd. My concern is she gets very excited when she is feeling good or when it is the least bit windy and gets the zoomies like no other! How long should I continue with limited turnout?

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