Re: Phytoquench


I realize the label discusses other benefits of phytoquench unrelated to IR, but I believe I was feeding it to him for the purpose of supplying devils claw to assist with pain management. If he is truly pain free, are there any other IR needs/reasons for continuing its use? 

Is this a supplement that he should be on when I start putting him back to work to assist him with minor pain associated with work or should I assume that if I have waited 9 months to work him that his foot should not have any pain associated with work because it is fully healed?

Also, eventually I am hoping to show Joker again at sanctioned shows. Devils claw can't be used. Are there any issues with removing it from his feed prior to and during a show? For instance if he is used to having this to manage pain in general would he be more uncomfortable when I take him off and not feel as good at the show?
Anna Warzecha, MI, 2022

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