Re: Breathing Difficulty Treatments for Laminitis Prone Horse

Jamie Miller

Thank you, Sherry. 

Sunday night I returned to giving his dose 1 time per day, 2 1/4 pills. I'm a little concerned as to why the vet made a poor recommendation. Can you point me to any research or literature on the dosing and effectiveness? I'd like to share that with the vet.

I had the Emergency Vet out tonight, and all of Walker's vitals are good and he's eating, pooping, etc.  I called her because I wasn't sure if he had gastro/stomach problems, arthritis, or his feet hurt. He laid down in the pasture today at 3:15 pm and didn't rise in his own until 5:00 pm. During that time, he would lie down, sit up, lie down, sit up. This cycled every 5 minutes.  Emergency vet verified a digital pulse in front feet, right is stronger than left and appears to be in the lateral part of foot.  I am wondering if the split dose over the past month and a half was a contributing factor.  He had constricted heels when trimmed at the beginning of March, so our equine podiatrist make a specially modified Sigafoo so that pressure would be off that tender part of his hoof. 

The recommendation tonight by ER vet and equine podiatrist is to start him in the morning on Ulcer Guard and 1 gram bute powder and 1 gram Bute powder in the evening until the podiatrist can get here either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. 

He had a blood draw for ACTH on 3/17, but sadly I'm STILL waiting for those results. Trying not to be angry that it's taking so long. 

Video of Walker Walking 

Regarding his breathing, vet said lungs sound good. Said could be heaves, but also said any treatment would not be ideal for a laminitic horse. So, now what?

Thank you in advance for your  support, guidance, and expertise.
Jamie Miller
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July 2019
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