Dr Kellon, 
Can Dixie have human probiotics as they always specify the microbial count?  There are a lot of equine probiotics listed online available in Australia, however nothing specifying 10-20 billion CFU, and most not specifying CFU count at all, so it is hard to judge which equine product is best for her.   
I have uploaded the ACTH result received yesterday which is 113 pg/mL, up from 20 pg/mL in September 2021, explaining her present discomfort.  Dixie will be up to 2mg Pergolide by mid-next week but I realise that it will probably be too little, too late. I will have her tested more often during the next 12 months to try to establish her pattern so I do not repeat my mistakes.
Many thanks

Terrie H in Australia 2021
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