Re: Breathing Difficulty Treatments for Laminitis Prone Horse

Sherry Morse

Hi Jamie,

You can possibly do a search of the messages or Dr. Kellon may have research references at hand for you but basically splitting the dose reduces the effectiveness of the medication due to the half life of the active ingredient as I recall.  Try this for a start: Re: Most Effective Timing on Administering Prascend Dose (

Please note that using bute for pain due to IR related laminitis will not be effective and dosing with bute and ulcer meds has been proven to cause issues.  You can read more on that here: Re: URGENT: Laminitis suspected, possible abscess too? Already on ER diet ... what next? (

Breathing issues can be related to uncontrolled PPID so getting that under tighter control may help.  Lung Eq from Uckele and Spirulina (if he'll eat it) may help. Otherwise you can look at albuterol or clenbuterol for treatment.  This chain of discussion may be helpful: | Albuterol dosage amount

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