Re: Sparkles ...Lavinia: Photos Mark up Request


YAY! Thank you.
Can I request a markup?

Dr K suggested perhaps taking off a bit at a time. I think she suggested every other day or so. To start I am going to have our farriers apprentice come twice a week for a couple of weeks and go from there. Apprentice is younger but a very eager learner and seems excited to learn from you all. Very grateful to have her.

From Jan until now farrier had been coming every 2 wks or so and Sparkles symptoms always improved right away except the one time farrier took more off after seeing the rads. Sparkles was sore for several days after that.

In Sparkles case, cold is very clearly the biggest trigger. We have had lots of frigid temps this week (down to 20 below zero). We had a nice warm spell of temps in 50s and 60s and Sparkles looked near normal even with all of her layers removed. Was able to stand on concrete and have feet done with no problem Last week temps dropped into 20s again and symptoms returned a little. Wed still cold and had trouble standing on the concrete for her photo shoot and we ended up needing to finish in the stall.


Jen and Sparkles in New England 2022 | Album
Sparkles Case History

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