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Frances C

Lovin' the stupid questions - may I add: 
1. In soaking hay, say in wheelbarrow or bucket and keeping every equal, timing, water quantity, quality, temp. and timing, same weight of hay with the only single difference being the type of hay and you see a significant difference in the soak water, what would it tell you if one batch of soak water came out looking like dark foamy beer/ale and the other batch came out looking like some pale chardonay wine?  Would not that suggest that the hay producing the dark foamy beer/ale contained more sugar.
2. My 2 PPID horses get alfalfa hay (not soaked). Perhaps because they both have poor chewing muscles they leave behind the coarse stems. They shake out all the finer bits from the haynet and consume that. Now all the leftover stems I have been giving to another horse which is not PPID but is probably IR. Question is - is there a difference in sugar/starch content of the coarse stems versus the fine leaf parts?
3. The 2 PPID horses each get 1 mg of prascend in a 6 cc syringe filled with 5 cc lukewarm water. I just have to put my left hand over the nose where the nose part of the halter would go and wiggle the syringe on the right side of the lip corner. Index finger and middle finger hold the grips of the syringe while the thumb activates the plunger. The gelding opens his mouth willingly and starts a chewing motion as I insert the syringe.
The mare on the other hand firms up her lips and I think she clenches her teeth and does not make a chewing or swallowing motion. Lately she managed to spit the contents back on me. Both the horses are very mellow, have small mouths taking a 4.5 inch bit so I assume that a 6 cc syringe would at least reach to the mid section of the mouth if directed at straight across hopefully reaching the center of the tongue. Or is it more effective to line the syringe so that it is parallel and next to the cheek teeth? If I doze in a sudden squirt the gelding tosses his head up in surprise. I ask all of you who have been syringing successfully for years what you have found to be the best practice.- Thanks.
- Frances C.
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