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Someone suggested using a goat drencher.  Maybe here.  I apologize if this is a repeat recommendation.

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Frances, on syringing. Your mare can’t clinch her teeth together where she has none. I syringe Cayuse in the corner of the mouth back where you’d open her mouth to accept the bit. I also use a slightly larger 10cc syringe because it lets me dilute the pergolide more. More water/carrier makes even Prascend less noxious. Last, I pause long enough for her to open her mouth herself, you know, like it was her idea. Usually I aim toward the back of the tongue but if she’s being a pill by dropping her head down by my knees, any part of the tongue will do. I use runny carrot purée as a carrier, and it’s sticky. She can’t flip her nose and spit it out (not that she wants to) even if I only syringe into the inside of her cheek. I don’t hold her nose, often don’t use a halter if she’s standing against the barn wall.

My mares have  different mouth shapes. My larger Paint is even easier because I can syringe anywhere on the side of her mouth and hit her tongue. If I put my hand on her nose, it’s all over: head hits the ceiling. 
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