Re: Hay analysis reading help

Kirsten Rasmussen

The second timothy has more protein than you need.  In some EMS horses excess protein may worsen IR...we don't know why, but we prefer to keep protein below 12% and ideally 8-10%.  Its not terribly high though.  Again, like the first timothy hay, its an NIR test so ESC + starch could be a bit higher than reported but still likely to be below our 10% cutoff.  You will need to retest this hay for trace minerals in order to balance it properly.

Iron is higher in hays grown on the rainy west coast because the soil is more acidic (which increases iron uptake from the soil to the plant), but usually high iron is just dirt on the hay and can be shaken or rinsed off.  I personally would go with the first timothy and buy all 15 bales if they will last long enough to you to get the new cutting, then see what the new cutting comes back at and go from there.  Since you have the full hay analysis already done you can contact one of our approved hay balancers today and fairly quickly figure out what to add to it to make up for mineral deficiencies.  The second timothy will require you resampling and sending in for testing, so there would be a much bigger delay.

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