Re: Dr Kellon Please - Chicy Placentitis

Frances C

Hi Janet, wonderful to see your mare running around on that video. She looks good and strong. See what you can do about getting mare colostrum from some milk bank - there are some. I used to donate colostrum (4-8 oz) whenever I could. In your area also I guess foaling season may be underway so check all the groups and vet clinics in your area. If you get some keep it frozen and hope that you don't have to use it. Also put your vet on standby the moment you think foaling is underway.  If the mare has no colostrum the vet can stomach feed the foal if it is weak or god forbid something happens to the mare, she can be milked out and the baby bottle fed. I once thought I had a red bag delivery and had the vet rush out but it was an inverted placenta and looked pretty darn red. I think a red bag delivery is when part of the uterus is expelled along with the foal and placenta. My heart is with you.
- Frances C.
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