Re: Help Stomp Out Bad Information

Julie Allen

Kristen ; she was not my vet - just one online on my area who posted something that was not entirely true in fact it was false information about fructans the same fake news that Dr Kellon has been trying to beat down for a while now .:

- my issue was with her shutting me down when I addressed the false information in her comment - hence the note she wrote to me -- most vets in my area are way behind the curve in laminitis treatments . I keep an open communication with them smile and nod and then work  with the horse owner if possible -of horse owner does not follow our advice 100% we respectfully decline helping them .: it's seems rude but it's how I keep my sanity ..

I tell an owner who contacts me this right up front ...
so they make the choice - obviously I let them know diet , minerals , testing , turnout, trimming  everything involved in a rehab first so they can think about it's a lot to take in .. 

my daughter and I both " attended " the conference last year /. I have yet to find a vet in the area who will even talk about  looking into anything ECIR related let alone read / post .. but I still get along with most of them . It is what it is .. 
Boring , Oregon 
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