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Nancy C

Hi Linda

I have some of the same issues:  An EMS TWH who was overweight at the end of last year, and a PPID non-EMS QH who needs more bulk. They are together 90% of the time. I start with weighing the combined total of hay they should have for their desired weight.  When that did not work b/c the TWH snarfed up the extra hay, I went with reducing hay a bit and giving my QH more supplement carrier. They are separated at supplement feed time. If they are not that too becomes an opportunity for the TWH to grab more than he should. You may find it helpful to start with knowing how hay much is going out to the paddock.

An observation about the second cut hay in your file: it has a fairly high calorie content and is likely eaten and digested more quickly. The ADF/NDF components look to be that lovely soft second cut profile. Knowing how much is being taken out to them daily is a starting point.

There may be metabolic differences in your two girls but in the end the magic to weight control is calories in and calories expended, just like the majority of people.

Just FYI - Once one knows how much one is taking out every day it is possible to reverse engineer the equations to establish amount each is eating, if you know their current weight and have a hay test.
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