Updated CR... still uncompensated? #file-notice #photo-notice


I've updated Yankee's information - both the CR and a "body near" photo - and would like some advice. Here's his ratios - without the handy reference, I'm unsure if he's still in the uncompensated range or not, even though his raw numbers are slightly better across the board than last year. ... Main changes to diet are addition of MSM and Spirulina (just started it yesterday, to see if it helps his allergies), and replacement of some TCTBC with beet pulp due to supply shortage of cubes.

If the below image doesn't turn out, bloods taken on 4/11/22... G:I is 6.14, RISQI is 0.27 and MIRG is 7.3.  I'm a little confused because though his lab results are the same or better, I'm reading these as slightly worse than last year?

Comments from CR: Shedding better than last year, almost normal. Very small crest, sheath “deflated” No PSSM2 episodes, went without shoes last summer without footiness (ride with boots). Better temperature regulation (less blanketing needed). Weather on day of testing was starting a winter storm; less exercise than normal previous week, no exercise (handwalk or ride) until after blood draw day of and day before. Hay finished an hour or two before draw.

So, in general, he's doing better across the board, symptomatically, for all 3 of his issues (IR, PPID, PSSM2), so I'm also not sure if or what I should do different. Appreciate any advice











June 2018
NW Wyoming

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