Re: Sparkles ...WAS Photos Mark up, NOW frogs/bruising ... Dr Kellon, Lavinia ... anyone


"Need to allow the frogs to keep the calloused frog as protection for the waxy, immature frog below. Only trim off areas that are already loose or have dead flaps hanging, while leaving the rest of the frog intact."
I will be taking new set of photos on Sunday and do another mark up request. We will have apprentice coming. I feel thrush and front frogs getting better but hinds not as much. Right hind frog is pulling up from the point. She keeps getting flaps Apprentice is coming again on Sunday. Is there something she can do for this? Or should I leave this to our regular farrier? Should apprentice be trimming off any flap she finds?

Also, Sparkles has lived with us for five or so years. Since we had her she was always vulnerable to what I thought was mild thrush but definitely more frog shedding compared to other horses I have seen. She is stalled at night, but we keep our stalls clean and lots of fresh shavings and daytime environment clean as well. Our daytime area is usually a track. Our property is slightly sloped so we seldom deal with mud. For the past several months she has been in socks and boots most of the time with breaks to air things out. The wool socks get a little moist some of the time, but not terribly. In the past I'd use things like apple cider vinegar or Artimud. Now I am using Zinc Oxide/antifungal creme. 
Is there a reason she might be more vulnerable to thrush/ frequent frog shedding? 

"There is a lot of visible bruising growing out in the white line and parts of the sole - all those red/pink areas."
I feel like I am seeing more bruising in the rears the past few weeks looking at the hoof outer walls. Is this simply things growing out? OR ... is it from her over doing things? I think I mentioned, she tends to stand a lot. She has been doing this daily for a while. She still is not back on the main track with the herd so whenever our other pony comes back into the barn at night Sparkles often stands up waiting for her to come in. She will also stand up if I am not getting her breakfast fast enough. When she does this, she dances around a bit. I have wondered if this is simply too much wt bearing.

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