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Thank you Kirsten.

I soaked all winter. We tested our hay. Everything I was giving her from the time she was DXd with IR was around 8 or less (the lowest hay was 5 re ESC plus starch). She has been on Vermont Blend for quite a while. Her dose is based on instruction. 
She is on the rinsed and oaked Standlee Beet pulp no molasses. I think they are on the list. Are these not ok? 

For several months I was giving soaked hay (of hay that was already low sugar), beet pulp, on Metformin and Insulinwise, and Vermont blend. Her IR numbers did not change at all. The only thing that ever helped her be more comfortable (beside the occasional Banamine) was really bundling her up. She is now doing great ... but we get a colder day and she reverts back to at least looking uncomfortable.

We will be doing the stim test soon and I will request a recheck on IR. I am curious to see if numbers are lower since it is warmer.


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