Re: Sparkles ...WAS Photos Mark up, NOW frogs/bruising ... Dr Kellon, Lavinia ... anyone

Sherry Morse

Hi Jen,

A couple of things - the photo you have of Sparkles where you said she was 275 looks like she's a good weight vs. the 380lbs you have listed for her in the CH.  Do you have a current picture of her and a current weight for her?  For her height I would expect her to be no more than 300 to a max 330 before she would be running to fat and less may be better, particularly since she's IR.

The reason Kirsten was asking about your CH is you have things listed like '2' for beet pulp.  Is that 2 cups?  2lbs? or something else?  The same for the Timothy and Teff pellets - 1 cup? 1lb?  Is she getting both of those? If her ideal weight is closer to 300 than 380 she shouldn't be eating more than 6lbs a day total to help maintain her weight and keep her insulin in check via diet (if that's possible).  If she's getting 6lbs of hay plus other concentrates that may be too much to expect her to maintain a good weight.

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