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Catherine North

Dr K-
Thank you for all your help on this group!
I have 2 PPID horses, both on Prascend and just recently did the TRH Stim & EMS panel through Cornell.
I cheat because I am a small animal veterinarian and order the Protirelin from Wedgewood, then submit to Cornell myself, do my own collection, spin and separate serum & plasma so at COST $52 for 1 ml Protirelin each, $100 to Cornell for each horse and they share the $15 shipping so total cost for me is $319 and my own time (priceless!).
I am lucky to be able to do it myself as well as purchase Prascend at cost.
Thanks again, 

Catherine North, D.V.M.

North Veterinary Clinic

118 Ashford Center Road

Ashford, CT 06278

(860) 487-0479

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Subject: [Special] [ECIR] TRH Stimulation
We are interested in collecting data on TRH  Stimulation test results after pergolide in horses that tested positive for PPID with that test. Anyone who has had the test done, please drop  me a mail at drkellon "at" to let me know what it cost you - test and visit fee - to do the test as well as if you would be willing to have it repeated.
Eleanor in PA 
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