Re: IR and n/p1 mare



I have PSSM test results from UC Davis and Animal genetics. They both came back with n/p1. 

My mare got laminitis in September of 2018 in both front feet but right front had more rotation than the left. With the help of a vet and farrier we got her feeT onto the the right track and I took  her off alfalfa and oat hay and switched her to Timothy hay only. From end of 2019 until January 8, 2022 I have not had any lameness issues with her. We were going on regular trail rides, shows, and even did cattle sorting.

On January 8, 2022 while we were coming back from our trail ride, we were coming down hill and she got excited and sprained her left front. After we got back to the ranch she was off. I contacted the local vet had x-rays on he LF but he couldn't find her injury so he referred her out for an MRI. I contacted her original vet that helped us with her 2018 laminitis episode and he said to take her to a hospital and they will give a second opinion as he was home ill and could not see her at that time. I took her to the hospital beginning of February the vet did another set of xrays and nerve blocks and determined that she had inflammation in her left front coffin joint and said that she has had a traumatic injury. He said she will benefit from a Pro-Stride joint injection. They gave her the Pro-Stride injection a week after and she came home. When I brought her back home I was told to start walking her for 15-20mins a day. I started walking her two days after her joint injection but noticed that something was not right with her hind end as she did not want to move forward or she would hold her left hind leg up as if her muscles got stuck/tied up. I slowly continued to walk her and she would walk out of her hind end soreness/stiffness. Therefore, I thought it was her PSSM kicking in due to her not getting any exercise due to her coffin joint injury. During this time, after consulting with vets, we decided to remove her two front shoes and transition her to barefoot. I was using cloud boots to walk her every time I would take her out of her 12 x 24 well bedded stall. She seemed like she was slowly getting better until April 22, 2022 when her original vet and a new barefoot trimmer came out and x-rayed her front feet again before trimming. Vet said her front left had rotated much more compared to her 2018 rotation and the last x-xrays from 2020 when she was in full work and he had fixed her hooves/rotation. He also X-rayed her hind hooves and saw that she had rotated in her left hind but no rotation at all on her right hind. He suggested to put shoes back on her as soon as possible as her soles were thing and had been cut short by her old farrier. After they carefully trimmed her a little that day, she started walking like how she was walking when I first brought her back home from the hospital. She got very still in her hind end and now she does not want to put weight on her right hind. Vet also tested her insulin on April 22, 2022 and informed me on 04/27/2022 that her insulin levels are extremely high and that she needs to be transitioned to Bermuda pellets only from her timothy hay and he also instructed me to stop any and all supplements she was on. 

However, after a little research I did that evening, I decided to start soaking her timothy hay bag in water for 60 mins and then feed it to her. I am also still feeding her chia seeds, Uckele magnesium and a cup of Bermuda pellets. We have an appointment with the vet a farrier that our vet works with, to put shoes back on her on Friday May 6th. 

At this point, I do not know what I need to do and do not know how to put together a proper diet for her. I am extremely stressed and have not been able to sleep since January. I need urgent help as my mare had never shows signs of PSSM until being on stall rest. Also, the vet said that it is very interesting that she only rotated on the left front and left hind. 


I don't know if I should leave her in her stall or if I should force her to walk until she walks out of her hind end stiffness like before. I don't know if I should follow the PSSM diet or her IR/laminitis diet. I really need help and would like someone experienced to look over my hay test results and her blood work and let me know what they think I can do to help her. 
Ani in CA 2022

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