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Sherry Morse

Hi Jen,

My simple answer is that I've found that most people are not very good at estimating weights vs. heights (and I'm not saying I'm perfect - more on that in a second).  And we've all been trained to see horses that are perhaps carrying a bit more weight than they should as being a good weight when they're actually not.

For my one horse example my gelding was on the injured list from October 2018 - September 2019.  Because he was at the vet with a scale I took advantage of that to weigh him a few times to compare to what I was getting on my weight tape, which is how I came to discover the tape was pretty consistent with adding 20lbs to his actual weight.  At one point when I thought he was turning into a total porker due to being out of work he weighed in at the vet at 860lbs.  The next time we were there he'd been back in work for 3 months, was looking much trimmer and he weighed in at 890lbs.  I had not put a tape on him in a while and my guess before we put him on the scale was that he'd be down 25 - 30lbs NOT up 30lbs.  

Right now he's in work 5 - 6 days a week and I'd like to see maybe a bit more of a covering over his ribs but he's consistently at a 4.5 to 5 which is where we'd like to see most IR horses.

You might find this helpful too: Body Condition Scoring Guide.pdf (

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Hi Sherry.
If I said 275, that was a typo. It should have been 375lb (The picture of her in the stall Feb 2022 I measured).
She has always been right around 380 from the time I got her until now.   She looks the same I think but I will update all of her pictures within the next few days. To me, she has always been slender looking ... course that is compared to my stocky Morgan pony and quite stocky MFT. 

The last I measured her food, I had calculated 7.6 lbs total for hay plus other food. Because we had such a frigid winter and she shivered so easily, I was def doing closer to the 2lbs or more on the colder nights. I think I was doing 5 to 6lbs of hay 2lb beet pulp beet pulp and continue to do so. There were times I was giving the TC Safe Starch when she was refusing the beet pulp. I was also trying timothy and teff ... I was very worried as she went through a period of not eating much and it was so cold! I will get more accurate measurements.

For her height I would expect her to be no more than 300 to a max 330 

Can you please tell me more on why you expect this? In all of the charts I have looked for, including the Universities, I have never seem numbers that low. 

Thank you again for your help.

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